Heritage e-passport launched

The Hanumandhoka Durbar Museum is an amazing place where Nepal’s history and culture comes to life. Young people across Nepal learn about their history and culture from textbooks that are studied to pass exams. Recently the enrolment in the history faculty at the university is declining dramatically. Nepal’s history and the characters in it are “Hollywood” material if presented in an interesting and engaging manner. The Hanumandhoka Museum offers us this opportunity.

We need to make learning fun and engaging and hence the decision to launch an e-passport for all visitors to Hanumandhoka to download and use as a fun tool for learning.

There may be a Nepali version and a hard copy version in the near future as well. The visitors are encouraged to download this passport and take a stroll around the complex and begin to really understand and enjoy learning about Nepal’s history and culture. Depending on the feedback, this simple tool should be rolled out to other monument zones and trails across Nepal.