Shopping to Support

Local art and craft

There are many reasons to celebrate the upcoming festivals of Dashain, Tihar and Chaat, and one these has to be to support local families that produce beautiful and functional art and craft. We should all go shopping with the goal of ensuring that the choices we make during the festivals season ensure that our art, craft and the people who create them are rewarded and hence incentivized to keep these traditions alive.

Any photo we take and upload during the coming month of festivities will surely highlight the beautiful and colorful natural fiber baskets, clay pots and lamps, locally woven cloth and straw mats, natural leaf plates, garlands and so much more. We need to take a few minutes and remember the people who crafted them.

The Nepal Art Village, an initiative led by Nepali artists, is determined to protect and promote these unique products, the skills and knowledge and the people behind them. For this purpose, we have formed a team of researchers based in Janakpur, Pokhara, Lumbini and Kathmandu valley to document and prepare case studies on these unique craft and the artists. We are working with the British Council and the University of Leicester to make sure that our research meets the highest possible standards.

“Crafting Futures is a global program which aims for a sustainable future through making and collaboration- supporting a future for craft by understanding its value in our history, culture and world today. The program brings together craft practitioners, designers and organizations from around the world to explore possibilities for the future together.” Nepal Art Village takes great pride in being part of this endeavor.

Our researchers and their topics are as follows:

  1. Sambriddhi Prajapati is researching on lokta, the handmade paper in Bhaktapur
  2. Sabitri Gautam is researching on yak wool in Pokhara
  3. Chandra Prakash Pathak is researching on natural grass in Lumbini.
  4. Pratibha Kumari Jha is researching on ceramic in Janakpur.

We also have two collaborators

  1. Asta Narayan Dhimal who is researching on natural dyes in Jhapa.
  2. Pranathi is researching on bamboo craft in Chitwan.