Nepal Has Six Seasons

Nepal is globally unique for so many seasons and one of them is we have six distinct seasons. February 6, 2022 will officially mark the first day of the Basanta Ritu (spring season). Please prepare the soil and have seeds and saplings ready for planting. Traditional wisdom says that everything planted during this season will grow, blossom and provide seeds for next year.

On February 6 this year, all the temples and shrines dedicated to Manjushree and Saraswati will see thousands of students lining up to perform rituals and making sacred offerings so that their academic pursuits will succeed. Manjushree is the one who cut the gorge at Chobar to drain the lake that was; and Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge. Sarasvati is often depicted in art riding on a swan to symbolize the ability of knowledge to separate milk and water. Saraswati, in many part of Kathmandu is also seen holding or playing a musical instrument -bina.


Manjushree is presented holding a flaming “sword of wisdom” that “can cut through ignorance”. These are beautiful concepts that make up the core value of Nepali society that we need to revive and nurture.

Whether you have spring cleaning in mind, or planning on starting to learn to play a new musical instrument or getting into a new business, February 6 will be an auspicious day. Every seed that has remained underground will “wake up” and begin to germinate in celebration of the arrival of spring.


Hanumandhoka’s Nasal Chowk, the main courtyard, will be filled with the melodious sound of the “Basanta Shravan” – music and slokas recited to mark the arrival of spring.  Someone needs to record it and put it on the social media or streaming services so that all can enjoy this beautiful performance.

So those who follow the climate change debate, it will be a good day to take note of the state of trees and flowers in the garden to record their condition. Seeing is believing.

So what are the six seasons in Nepal?

Basanta – spring

Grishma – hot/summer

Barsha – rain/monsoon

Sharad – early autumn

Hemanta – late autumn

Shishir – winter/cold and windy

Remember Nepal also has six directions - north , south, east, west , up and down.

The six seasons and six directions are what make Nepal a wonderful place to live in and a great destination to visit.