About anil Chitrakar

Born and schooled in Nepal, Anil Chitrakar trained as an engineer and energy planner at the University of Rajasthan (India) and the University of Pennsylvania (USA). He started his career as an energy engineer for the Academy of Science and Technology when he traveled to remote areas of Nepal to transfer renewable energy technologies.

He then launched conservation education campaigns which aim to mobilize the youth and school children to be the link between the supply side of solutions and the demand side and enable learning outside the classroom. He is a Ashoka Fellow. He joined the team that implemented the National Conservation Strategy for Nepal and went on to head the IUCN Nepal office.

Anil has focused his efforts on heritage conservation and environmental management across Nepal. In 1993 he was one of the 100 “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” awardees at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Recently he has also been awarded the Tech Award in Silicon Valley for his work on renewable energy technologies. Currently he works on expanding his work in renewable energy, biodiversity and heritage conservation.

Anil was Chairperson of the Himalayan Climate Initiative and helped launch the 1550 km long Great Himalayan Trail in Nepal. He is also part of the Kailash Sacred Landscape team. Anil is currently President of Siddharthinc, a private initiative dedicated to unlocking markets. He has a regular Youtube video- Walkabout in the Nepali Times.


Take the lead

Nepal's future has begin

“This book is dedicated to everyone who still believes in Nepal and the collective wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit of the Nepali people.” writes Anil Chitrakar in the preface of this book.
During the launching of the book he says, “Take the Lead is the motivational piece of work, which through anecdote and example builds on much needed action of leadership amongst Nepalis.”
This book is available in major bookstore in both English and Nepali language published by Kathalaya.