Youth in Climate Change

On February 17, 2021, Anil Chitrakar served as a moderator at the Youth Climate Café on behalf of British Council and the Road to COP26 campaign at the British Embassy Kathmandu in presence of Alok Sharma, the COP26 President Designate who interacted with Nepali youth and engaged in climate activities, 

MP Sharma informed that COP26, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 1 to 12 November 2021, is the most inclusive COP yet. For the first time, the COP has formed groups of women, indigenous peoples, and youth, which meet often with COP organizers and help them shape the path to COP26. Italy is also organizing a COP for youth as a pre-COP event, from 30 September – 2 October 2021. Two young people from every UN nation will attend this summit. MP Sharma encouraged Nepali youth to apply to attend the summit as well.

They informed the MP of climate-related activities they were engaged in, including lobbying the government to include the voice of youth in official documents, recycling waste, inputting climate change in school curricula, converting schools to green schools, combining arts and engineering to create sustainable technological equipment, making reusable sanitary napkins, using art to engage school children in the subject, and researching climate change in the media.